June 24, 2022…Cabinet Ministers comprising Honourable Motlohi Maliehe and Honourable Tsóinyana Rapapa led the launch of sim cards registration at LNDC premises, Maseru.

The countrywide campaign activity launch saw the presence of management and operatives of the two network mobile operators in Lesotho namely: Vodacom and Econet Lesotho including Lesotho Communications Authority (LCA) amongst others.

In his Speech, Minister Maliehe warned perpetrators about heavy judgements involved in the publication of the Government gazette on the Communications (Subscriber Identity Module) Regulations, 2021 coming into operation today.

He said kick starting the process marks the beginning of good things to come at this crucial time when the world at large sees technology as order of the day. Therefore, crimes related to these matters will now tackled.

Sharing similar sentiments, Honourable Rapapa appealed to all to start registering as soon as today to avoid congestion when registration closes in June 2023.

He explained that after June 24, no client will be allowed to use unregistered sim cards, thus all that have not registered will be blocked.

Moreover, he said for registration of minors and the aged, guardians are expected to take charge and assist them to register.

To register, Vodacom and Econet requires availability of national identity card, information from these entities has shown. It is expected that both entities will undertake pilot projects and campaigns meant to ensure that the entire process become a success.


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